“Tracking” Apps: Madison’s Thoughts

Anyone reading this blog who has ever tried to lose  weight (or gain it, too, I suppose) has probably tried “tracking” in one form or another: diet tracking, calorie counting, fitness tracking in all its new and various forms. I certainly have. I have counted my calories (both on paper and with an app), I … Continue reading “Tracking” Apps: Madison’s Thoughts

Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr, M.D.

What's happening, food-eating people? I hope you're having an awesome day. On this blog, we try to focus on evidence-based nutrition. Plant-based nutrition is slowly making its way into the medical world as a form of treatment for diet-related diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. The efficacy of a plant-based diet is based on the … Continue reading Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr, M.D.