Sugar’s Many Hiding Places: 8 Foods to Look Out For

The Facts About Sugar Everyone knows soda, donuts, and ice cream are unhealthy because of (among other things) added sugar. A 12-oz Coke, for example, contains 39 grams of sugar, and virtually no other nutrients. Added sugar is often referred to as "empty calories," or calories devoid of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Consuming too many … Continue reading Sugar’s Many Hiding Places: 8 Foods to Look Out For

4 Plant-Based Toast Recipes

Madison is an amazing cook. I am a marvelously average cook. What can a marvelously average cook contribute to a food blog? Well, I'm really good at slicing bread and putting stuff on it! Everyone loves toast, right? It's the best thing since... well. Okay, no more *crumb*-y jokes. Here are my top 4 ways to put stuff on … Continue reading 4 Plant-Based Toast Recipes

Black Vegan Voices

There are many many Black vegan voices out there advocating for decolonization, community health, human and animal rights, sustainable agriculture, and so many more issues that are core to the vegan/plant-based lifestyle. Their work is inspiring, challenging, and critical to the food justice movement. Despite popular belief, vegans aren't all white women - the #wfpb … Continue reading Black Vegan Voices

Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr, M.D.

What's happening, food-eating people? I hope you're having an awesome day. On this blog, we try to focus on evidence-based nutrition. Plant-based nutrition is slowly making its way into the medical world as a form of treatment for diet-related diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. The efficacy of a plant-based diet is based on the … Continue reading Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr, M.D.

Plant-Based Mini Workshop THIS WEEKEND!

This is a quick announcement for Madison-area folks! There is a plant-based mini workshop THIS SATURDAY, March 11th, taught by our friend Carola Breckbill! Email to register. I highly recommend this event whether you are new or old to plant-based. Come check it out! Whole Foods Plant-Based Lifestyle Saturday, March 11th 1pm-2:30pm Stoughton Yoga … Continue reading Plant-Based Mini Workshop THIS WEEKEND!

Henry’s Oatmeal Formula

What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast, Henry? Oatmeal. Why's that? Well, just let me tell you! The last two posts were all about oats, so why not keep the theme going? I eat oatmeal almost every day because it's delicious, nutritious, and extremely versatile. Oatmeal has the benefits of any whole grain dish, … Continue reading Henry’s Oatmeal Formula

Almond Ambiguity: Nut Milks and Water/Drought

A vulnerable part of our complex environment often slips by us unnoticed: Water. We’re made of it, we can’t live without it, but it is the resource that is most in jeopardy now that climate change is upon us. I certainly haven’t been as aware as I should be, however, of widespread water issues. Lately, … Continue reading Almond Ambiguity: Nut Milks and Water/Drought

Rolled oats

Madison’s Oat Milk Recipe

Here's an abbreviated list of my reasons for making oat milk. Far less water (than dairy or nut milks) Far less Greenhouse Gases No additives! Less packaging. You can buy oats in bulk and use reusable containers No need for fancy cloth or equipment (which is kinda necessary for making nut milk at home) It's … Continue reading Madison’s Oat Milk Recipe