Henry’s Oatmeal Formula

What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast, Henry? Oatmeal. Why's that? Well, just let me tell you! The last two posts were all about oats, so why not keep the theme going? I eat oatmeal almost every day because it's delicious, nutritious, and extremely versatile. Oatmeal has the benefits of any whole grain dish, … Continue reading Henry’s Oatmeal Formula

The Difference Between Plant-Based and Vegan

Since committing to a plant-based diet, I have found there is a lot of confusion between the terms “plant-based” and “vegan.” When someone asks me why I can't have eggs or milk or whatever, the easy response is “I'm vegan.” I have since learned that there is an important distinction between the two terms. Whole … Continue reading The Difference Between Plant-Based and Vegan