The Butternut Smoothie

Hi y'all! Are you tired of *every*single*smoothie* having banana in it? Bananas are delicious and make smoothies very creamy (in fact, frozen bananas make great ice cream all on their own!). If you love creamy smoothies but you're looking for a little variety in your smoothie repertoire, let me introduce you to the Butternut Smoothie. … Continue reading The Butternut Smoothie

4 Plant-Based Toast Recipes

Madison is an amazing cook. I am a marvelously average cook. What can a marvelously average cook contribute to a food blog? Well, I'm really good at slicing bread and putting stuff on it! Everyone loves toast, right? It's the best thing since... well. Okay, no more *crumb*-y jokes. Here are my top 4 ways to put stuff on … Continue reading 4 Plant-Based Toast Recipes

In Defense of Bread

First and foremost, this is not a post about gluten. I understand that people have serious sensitivities and autoimmune reactions to gluten. This might be a hard post for my GF lovelies to read. (I certainly don’t like reading articles praising cheese, which I have a sensitivity to.) But bear in mind that bread does … Continue reading In Defense of Bread

Rolled oats

Madison’s Oat Milk Recipe

Here's an abbreviated list of my reasons for making oat milk. Far less water (than dairy or nut milks) Far less Greenhouse Gases No additives! Less packaging. You can buy oats in bulk and use reusable containers No need for fancy cloth or equipment (which is kinda necessary for making nut milk at home) It's … Continue reading Madison’s Oat Milk Recipe