Why “No Oil”? For Your Consideration…

Recently I've been trying really hard to cut out most of/all the added oil in my diet. It's been extremely challenging, but I'm going to make it happen. I think it's worth it. In this post I'm going to try to explain why I'm so emphatic about cutting out oil. Processed sugar is one of … Continue reading Why “No Oil”? For Your Consideration…

Weekly Food News Round-Up 6/7/18

Welcome to our second installment of the HSB Weekly Food News Round-Up! Media to "Just Go Read/Listen/Watch": Marion Nestle is semi-retiring from teaching , and did this marvelously thought-provoking interview with Civil Eats A friend of Madison's from college is a part of a feminist socialist podcast called Season of the Bitch, and they've put … Continue reading Weekly Food News Round-Up 6/7/18

Busy & Healthy Part 1: Habits and Willpower (Hungry Siblings Podcast ep. 2)

We're back for episode 2! This week is the first installment of the Busy & Healthy series in which we talk about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle even when it seems like there's no time to make it happen! Whether you're in school, travel frequently, or work a crazy schedule, this series is for … Continue reading Busy & Healthy Part 1: Habits and Willpower (Hungry Siblings Podcast ep. 2)

Make Your Veggies Taste Good

One big problem holds a lot of people back from eating lots of vegetables: They just don't taste good. I know this is debatable and depends on how much the other foods in your diet disrupt your taste-buds, but let's be honest: most vegetables are naturally bitter (although the bitterness is part of what makes … Continue reading Make Your Veggies Taste Good

Weekly Food News Round-Up 5/31/18

Please enjoy the first installment of the Food News Round-Up with HSB! This is Madison. I usually start at the Food Politics blog by Marion Nestle, and I was so intrigued to find a recent post about pay inequality in food businesses! The difference in pay for CEOs and workers is so drastically different, the … Continue reading Weekly Food News Round-Up 5/31/18

How to “Listen To Your Body” in the Fast Food Era

I really believe that breaking nutrition guidance down to its "simplest terms and most convenient definitions" (to quote Anthony Michael Hall's letter to Mr. Vernon from The Breakfast Club). The reason for this being that complicating health claims is part of big ag's strategy in getting us to buy their food. When nutritional advice gets to … Continue reading How to “Listen To Your Body” in the Fast Food Era

The Hungry Siblings Podcast: Episode 1 (What is Your Relationship to Food?)

INTRODUCING... The Hungry Siblings Podcast!! Madi and I have been working on this for quite some time and we are very happy to finally publish the first episode. Music by bensound.com Production and Editing by Henry Vander Hill Logo by Henry Vander Hill (Photos by William D. Walker)

“Tracking” Apps: Madison’s Thoughts

Anyone reading this blog who has ever tried to lose  weight (or gain it, too, I suppose) has probably tried “tracking” in one form or another: diet tracking, calorie counting, fitness tracking in all its new and various forms. I certainly have. I have counted my calories (both on paper and with an app), I … Continue reading “Tracking” Apps: Madison’s Thoughts

Why Doesn’t Anyone Talk About Food?

This video was floating around on my facebook feed this week. It talks about how people act more strongly on survival instinct and emotion rather than fact. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S74C-XF9kYY This video uses politics as an example of this phenomenon. We've all been at those gatherings where some political topic comes up and it's the most awkward social … Continue reading Why Doesn’t Anyone Talk About Food?