Whole Foods, Whole Bodies: How Can We Be More Inclusive Around Food? (Hungry Siblings Podcast Episode 6)

In this week’s episode, we talk about how food connects to all aspects of our behaviors and our bodies, which means we need to look at ways to be inclusive when we talk about food. How are food movements like WFPB and veganism inclusive and exclusive? How do we meet people where they are, give people the facts, and then respect their decisions? How do we include all bodies, big and small, all abilities, all ages, etc, in food movements? We are gonna talk about it!

Lace by Nctrnm


This is an important week to check out the show notes! Here are the links you can inform check out while you listen:

Madison’s post with lots of links to Black Vegan Voices

Rich Roll’s interview with Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

Rich Roll’s interview with Mirna Valerio

Laura Thomas’ interview with Laura & Eve from Not Plant Based: “What it’s really like to have an eating disorder?”

Laura Thomas’ interview with Pixie Turner on orthorexia in media

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