Food News Round-Up: The Rich Roll Podcast, Dietary Fiber Confusion, and Cabbages!

Rich Roll released his latest podcast episode with Rangan Chaterjee, MD. In this episode, Dr. Chaterjee discusses the 4 pillars of health: Food, Movement, Sleep, and Relaxation. Here on the Hungry Siblings Blog, we tend to emphasize the importance of food in a healthy lifestyle, therefore it was interesting to hear how Dr. Chaterjee believes that each of these 4 pillars plays a much larger role in our health than we think. He goes in depth into the doctor-patient relationship and how to implement real-life changes for patients so that they feel empowered to take control of their own health.

We wouldn’t be a plant-based-eating blog if we didn’t talk about dietary fiber all the time, right? But it turns out that nutritional information about dietary fiber is about to get extra confusing. The FDA recently changed their guidelines on what counts as dietary fiber, and it favors food companies who use added fiber as a marketing strategy. Check out the post on Food Politics to figure out this fiber confusion. If we look beyond the marketing veil and actually think about what foods have the most fiber… Legumes, whole foods, mostly plants! So think twice before buying things with ads on the packaging about dietary fiber – it’s more marketing than nutrition!

Finally, to round things out… Enjoy this lovely photo essay about cabbage!

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