Black Vegan Voices

There are many many Black vegan voices out there advocating for decolonization, community health, human and animal rights, sustainable agriculture, and so many more issues that are core to the vegan/plant-based lifestyle. Their work is inspiring, challenging, and critical to the food justice movement. Despite popular belief, vegans aren’t all white women – the #wfpb lifestyle has been adopted by many diverse bodies all over the world!

Join me in amplifying these voices and check out these links! Share links with friends, order books, and get out there and follow them on social media.

I started with two really great catch-all summaries, written by Aph Ko, a “feminist, writer, vegan, and indie digital media producer.”

From Aph Ko’s blog, “Black Vegans Rock: 100 Black Vegans to Check Out” this list will take you days to go through. I am still researching the incredible people on this list.

From Wear Your Voice Media: “5 Black Vegan Women You Should Know” also by Aph Ko

While I would love to profile every single person on these lists, guess what? It’s already been done! Check out Black Vegans Rock!

Two authors to start with are Dr. Harper and Tracey McQuirter, M.P.H.

Dr. A. Breeze Harper has written prolifically and compiled an anthology of Black feminist vegan voices in the Sistah Vegan Project. Her work is also in diversity strategy, analysis, and consulting through her organization Critical Diversity Solutions. While she is active on social media, I’d recommend getting her books – mine are on order!

Tracey McQuirter is a public health specialist in vegan nutrition, author of “By Any Greens Necessary.” She created a fantastic blog post for Black History Month chronicling Black Veganism throughout history (a part of her vegan starter guide, which is fantastic). Check this post out and learn some history!

And here are a few more well-known names that are also vegan (pulled from Aph Ko’s article linked above):
Russell Simmons
Coretta Scott King
Angela Davis
Serena and Venus Williams
Erykah Badu
Carl Lewis

Y’know what? Just go read through Aph’s list! Leave yourself plenty of time. Maybe make a pot of tea. I’m still exploring the amazing work of these inspiring Black vegans!

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