Madison’s Oat Milk Recipe

Here’s an abbreviated list of my reasons for making oat milk.

  • Far less water (than dairy or nut milks)
  • Far less Greenhouse Gases
  • No additives!
  • Less packaging. You can buy oats in bulk and use reusable containers
  • No need for fancy cloth or equipment (which is kinda necessary for making nut milk at home)
  • It’s a whole food!
  • Cons: doesn’t handle heat well (coconut or flax milk are much better for baking), non-homogenized (shake first), not “protein packed” (but that’s not a bad thing), and not a lot of “kid appeal”
  • Oh… And it’s kinda watery. Try it anyway? I like it!

1 cup rolled oats (steel cut works too)
3 cups water, and some extra for soaking the oats
Maple syrup and/or vanilla extract to taste (or cocoa for chocolate milk!)
A blender, a mesh strainer, and a jar to store the milk

In a bowl or pitcher, fill with 1 cup oats and enough water to cover the oats. Soak oats for 30 min and strain off the water. (This will minimize the gooey-ness that can occur.)

Blend oats and water in your blender for 30 seconds to 1 minute (you don’t need a high power blender). Strain out the oats, rinse strainer, and strain once more just for good measure. Stir in sweetener or flavor after blending. There you have it!

Save the oat mash for bread if you like – it is a delicious addition to homemade bread. I store it overnight in the ‘frige so it absorbs some water before getting mixed in the bread dough. Bring it to room temperature before using in the dough (so that the yeast doesn’t get cold).

This milk has an undetermined shelf life. I recommend using it within 3 days.

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